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  • Characters Punch-Out!! features a total of 13 opponents for Little Mac to step into the ring with. 12 of which are returning from previous games in the Punch-Out!! series. Each has their own back-story and patterns of attacks to learn and learn to counter. Just a few of the characters you can expect to see are -

  • King Hippo - King Hippo is both huge and an immensely powerful fighter, but can be weakened with the right combinations to the head and body, giving you time to go for the knockout if you can survive his onslaught
I think you will found this Punch-Out! (Nintendo Selects) informative article is attractive determining what the nintendo item is for you. One of the biggest names in boxing returns after a fifteen year hiatus. Grab your Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers and step back into the ring with Punch-Out!! for the Wii console. Little Mac is back! The ultimate underdog and the best of the Punch-Out!! cast come to life in a modern re-imagination of the series. Glass Joe, King Hippo, trainer Doc Louis and your favorite cast of boxing misfits return for another round of title bouts. See the these boxers come to life in glorious cell-shaded 3-D, complete with hilariously fighting animations and back stories that capture all the fun and flair of the original Punch-Out!! Games. Are you up to the challenge of their new attacks and strategies. Power Little Mac through match after match of motion-controlled upper cuts, body blows and hooks. Throw your punches to help him throw his. The motion-sensing Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers turn your real-life swings into on-screen punches, making this Punch-Out!! game one anyone can play. Optional functionality with the Wii Balance Board accessory (sold with Wii Fit ) adds in active play dodging and ducking. The game can also be played with classic NES-style controls, offering both newcomers and purists multiple ways to play. All new modes, including first-ever Head-to-Head fighting in the Punch-Out!! Series and a challenging new Title Defense mode. An all new multiplayer mode lets you box head-to-head against a friend for the first time ever in the Punch-Out!! Series. And, once players guide Little Mac to the championship in the single player game, they must defend the title in challenge matches against Mac's fallen foes, who return to the ring with all new tactics, having learned from their..

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